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December 8, 2006, 1:16 am
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Hello Board Members,

This is a blog, welcome. I just put one together quickly so we could begin an ongoing conversation(via the blog) for how we might utilize this technology. The three groups who worked on PR projects for the Slum Doctor Programme this last WWU quarter all suggested that we utilize the latest internet phenomenon, blogging, as a means of creating increased awareness regarding HIV/AIDS issues, increased name recognition for SDP, and creating transparency for donors. Consider these three suggestions as our discussion topics regarding a vision for the future of the SDP blog. Don’t worry we have many options as far as the aesthetics go, this is not a final version by any means, and as of now you are the only ones who have seen it. I think it will be a good introduction to blogging if we all actually participate in a blog conversation, so blog on…

How to post a comment:

1. Look at the bottom of the screen and find the link that says “comments.” Click it. It might have a number next to it, which is the number of comments people have posted.

2. Fill in your name and email, and then write your comment. Don’t worry, your email isn’t going to be solicited by advertising companies.

3. Check back in a day and see how the conversation is going.

Your Humble Americorps member,



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This is my first attempt at a blog. Jesse made me do it!

Comment by Tim Costello

This is my first attempt at a blog as well………
Thanks for doing all this work Jessy! Looks great!
There, now I’ve joined the 21st century……


Comment by David Scherrer

Great job, Jesse! I’m glad we have you to help us out on this–us old geezers are overwhelmed by this. That was a great gathering last week–I really enjoyed the atmosphere and chance to catch up with folks. Kathie

Comment by kathie Wilson

Jesse this is wonderful! You’re a man of action, and I’m SO glad you’ve joined us.

Comment by Sarah Benn

Jesse, this is great. I am e mailing you some great stuff to post from Lisa, our Peace Corps volunteer in Cura.

Comment by Diane Staves

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