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January 10, 2007, 2:14 pm
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It is a bit odd to find yourself deeply concerned with the academic progress of a group of students halfway around the world. As I read through the report cards from the Ombogo Girls Academy, I imagined myself reading them out loud to the girls with deep concern and subdued approval, as a parent does, letting the tone of my voice say everything. Moving on from the grades, which in my opinion are never the best reflection of a student’s desire to learn and succeed, I read the teachers comments. Within their short remarks I sensed that same deep parental concern and compassion. The type of concern that comes from knowing the context and the reality of being a teenage girl in Kenya and the compassion that comes from having been one. Despite all the numbers I can find in the UNAIDS reports or on I still constantly have to admit ignorance. Not to the facts but to the untold stories and experiences behind each grade given and received. The lost siblings and parents to a virus I read about more than I see, the fight against an unseen oppressor of stigmas and prejudices, the dances of joy at church, and the friendships forged by the harshest of realities. These report cards are where our lives intersect today, they are a mutual experience. Maybe it seems trivial but having something to hold onto, even just pieces of paper, allows me a window into the lives I long to empower and nurture. Our lives are very different and in distant lands but today they are not so far apart.




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Dude, i am proud of you for doing what you’re doing. It’s important work and i am glad that you are doing it and that you’re passionate about it. It makes a difference. Not only for them, but for us too. I’ll pray for your work there. I’ve been very focused on self lately, and it’s refreshing to hear something that is so utterly about the ‘other’… thanks for sharing.

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