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January 25, 2007, 4:05 pm
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With the new year Slum Doctor Programme will feed more in Kenya and begin shining light in Uganda. Our goal is always to help as many as we can with what we have. Because of the wonderful support of Whatcom County we have been able to expand one program and add a brand new one.

The orphaned children of Rabour Village in western Kenya most likely recieve their only meal of the day at school and so it is essential that that meal be as nutritious as possible. We have done our best to add greens and protein to the normal millet, which fills them up but does not provide everything they need to be healthy active children. Beginning with only 25 students there are now over 150 students that Slum Doctor Programme provides food for. Having served the morning meal last year, we are now adding a second midday meal. This will improve the children’s physical and mental development as they study and play.

Over the seven years of Slum Doctor Programme’s service we have not left the border’s of Kenya. This year however, we made that step. Partnering with the Busoga Shining Light Association in Uganda, Slum Doctor Programme will support 25 AIDS widows as they learn how to run a profitable and sustainable agriculture business. BSLA is reducing the great financial burden of widows caring for orphaned children as a result of AIDS through a program to improve maize production and marketing. BSLA targets inputs of education, improved seeds and fertilizer; training and supplies for better post harvest handling of maize to improve the quality of produce; and cooperative marketing and training in farming as a business. Through this holistic approach BSLA will provide the Ugandan women a sustainable way out of their cycle of poverty and facilitate improved AIDS prevention practices through education. This program is expected to grow while maintaining sustainability. Our hope is that soon they will not need us anymore.

Again this would not be possible without the amazing donations of the Whatcom County community along with those who support SDP throughout the USA. Don’t forget you can donate anytime on our homepage,

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I am so excited about the BSLA program How incredible to think that for only about $300, you can provide an AIDS widow with seeds, fertilizer, training from an agricultural extension worker, drying cribs and access to markets for 18 months! If all goes well, these widows will be self sufficient by the end of the program, making enough food from their maize to provide food and schooling for their children. I love how the women give back to the program by teaching AIDS awareness to their communities and advocating for other widows, ensuring they get HIV testing and even treatment when necessary. WOW! Diane

Comment by Diane Staves


I agree. I would expect this program to grow a great deal in the next couple of years. And then they won’t need us anymore. I am so excited to see them flourish.


Comment by slumdoctor

Dr. Staves: Would love to hear from you, What a wonderful work you all are doing. E-mail me, I have news. Fran

Comment by fran Gautreaux

Hi Diane and Jesse,
Slum Doctors have been doing a great job in Kenya. the BSLA programme is progressing on well, i am so glad that you are trying hard to help these wodows. They are also happy about it. i hope one time you will come over here and see them.
i wish you well, well done.


Comment by veronica

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