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SDP knows how to party
May 23, 2007, 7:59 am
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Over 300 people (we estimate) attended the Ethiopian dinner. It was insanely wonderful to have so many people gathered in one place to celebrate the work of SDP and the hope for earth that is Africa. If any of you reading this were there we apologize for the delay on the food. We had a little incident which involved the food, a door, and a lock without a key. Everything worked out fine though. Juba Marimba rocked the house and our volunteers led the way onto the dance floor. At the end of the night SDP managed to bring home about $12,000 which was $2,000 over our goal. It was by far our biggest event yet but I think they will only get bigger and better. And that is the point isn’t it? To have a good party where we can be ourselves and give out of who we are instead of who we wish we were. We hope these celebrations are times that bring out the best in people.

Also at the Dinner we screened for the firs time to such a large group our documentary short as a sign of things to come. Quickly approaching is a journey to africa to begin filming for a documentary about lives coming together over great distances. Yesterday I met with Tim Costello and director Lisa Spicer to discuss some of the final trip details. It is hard during times like this to stay focused on the details when the ramifications for SDP, us as individuals, and the whole Bellingham Community are so huge. For that same reason it has been difficult to focus on anything around the cubicle. Who wants to work on quickbooks when you can look at Kenya with Google Earth. Well, we’ll be there soon enough.

Oh, and thanks to all the wonderful Knitters and Crocheters who are making blankets for Afghans for Africa!! You are all awesome!



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Jesse, Thanks for your writing. I am very excited for the SDP documentary and the experience you’ll have. I am just a bit jealous. You do good work…

Comment by steve

Thanks Steve, I think you and Susan should come to Africa next summer. We can go see the people you are going to work with, with that new fancy degree.

Comment by Jesse

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