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from nairobi
June 30, 2007, 1:20 am
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We finally made it to Nairobi. I have a couple of longer posts i’ve been working on but i left my jump drive at the house so this will have to be short and sweet. i am still adjusting to the oddity of Nairobi life. i suppose to fully adjust would take years. in america we don’t realize that we have a consistent continuum of wealth. the divide between rich and poor is nothing. here you are either rich or poor there is no middle ground. and if you are poor you are actually poor($1/day). tim and i have been staying with mike and viv chung who are the most amazing people i have ever met. their hospitality has amazed me and their conversation amazes me even more. mike is an infectious disease dr. who is researching HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment and created the extremely successful model for the Hope Center for Infectious Diseases. viv works for USAID doing hiv/aids relief work. i can’t say enough about how much of an honor it has been to stay with them and their wonderful son adrien.

yesterday we went to cura homes and the coptic hospital. cura homes was in a beautiful valley surrounded by lush green vegetation. the kids came to greet us and sang songs we had a very productive meeting with the elders and then hung with the kids some more. it was a little painful to only have an hour or so to interact with the kids. they are so beautiful and passionate about living. there is so much work to be done there though. we were lucky to have our good friend wanambisi with us. we still live far away and the are not the ones with the good ideas, Kenyan’s are. the coptic hospital was an oasis of love and care. they are growing so much. all around kenya there are hundreds of unfinished buildings. the new buildings at the hospital were the first i had seen that were completely finished. amazing! well there is much more i would like to say but the internet isn’t free. i’ll write more soon…maybe. off to rabuor village, homa bay, uganda, and mombasa next.



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Its very encouraging to read about your travel experience in changing the lifes of the most in need.
Its also nice to hear of bout your host family, Iam thrilled by what Coptic center is doing I did meet Father Paul and Dr Aida when they visited University of Washington.
Journey masses, Safari Jema!

Jane Koinange

Comment by jane Koinange

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