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Back in the ‘Ham
August 6, 2007, 10:12 am
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First, I apologize for failing to post more entries for the SDP blog readership. I was only able to update one blog so if you want more personal insights by no means on behalf of SDP and some pictures from the trip go to Today is the third day back in the office. I can’t say that its good to be back in a cubicle, but it is indeed good to be back with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the work that SDP does. Words can’t really explain what it is to hold a child you have been working to feed from behind a desk for most of a year. The first time I saw the Cura Homes kids my hands started shaking. I wasn’t nervous, just unbelievably blessed to actually touch them and hear their voices. It was the same for Ombogo Girls Academy. Those girls are some of the most amazing people I will meet in my life. Articulate, intelligent, passionate, funny, and yet somehow still just teenage girls who like to read the latest news on Justin Timberlake. The two weeks I spent with them left me longing to stay for two months, they were absolutely wonderful.

Rabuor Village was no exception. In development work there are projects that are mostly working and some that aren’t working at all. RVP seems to be above them all. I am not an expert in any aspect of development but it seems like they have thought of everything and everyone. Down to each sunflower stalk no movement, no usable resource is wasted. Anyone who doesn’t know about RVP should check out their website to learn more.

Now that I have more than dial-up internet I will post more often I hope.




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