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Slum Diary
June 9, 2008, 7:39 am
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Over the past several months I have been following the diary of medical workers in the slum’s of Sierra Leone on BBC. Slum is not a word in our north american vocabulary. The closest thing we have to a slum is tent cities on the outskirts of larger cities. However, slums often have hundreds of thousands and in Nairobi’s case 1.5 million people living in closet sized shacks made of whatever they could find without water, sewage, or public services of any sort. You would imagine that a diary recounting the days events at a slum clinic treating the poorest of the poor with the least and worst medical supplies would be sad, devastating, and relentlessly tragic. However, after reading many of these entries I have found a great deal of comfort. Not because everything is going just fantastic for these workers, but because they care for their community like no one else can. If ever we should make an assumption that there is general cause for distrust(that money or effort invested will have no return) in Africa or anywhere in the developing world than please read this journal.


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