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Failing the Children
August 11, 2008, 8:32 am
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SDP does not solely provide healthcare to people living  with hiv/aids. In fact, once our first project became a huge success we began addressing other basic needs in other more rural regions of Kenya and then later expanded to Uganda.  Our work tends to follow the relationships that we develop and the ability of SDP to remain with the project long enough for it to become sustainable.   Thus, our work is not a matter of recreating SDP franchise projects all over Africa but is up to the expertise of the people themselves.  No doubt this is the only way the work we support has been successful. Increasingly however, our work has focused on young people and a local and global connection between knowing the truth about AIDS and ending it forever.

In the days following the 2008 world AIDS conference in Mexico City new information was released on the fight against AIDS.  I thought this post from a collection of foreign policy blogs explains one of the the reasons for our urgency in educating young people about AIDS.

Some 2 million people die each year of AIDS, and around 33 million people around the world are infected with HIV.  A shortage of healthcare providers, access to treatment facilities, high cost and often unavailability of ARVs , and a lack of adequate education, has lead the disease’s spread to continue climb.  Therefore the HIV/AIDS epidemic of today is worse than was predicted and it has led leaders around the world to join forces to work towards sustainable solutions to combat the growing spread of the disease.

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Thank you for linking to my post ‘The Children of AIDS’, I hope your readers will find the site both inciteful and inspiring. Keep up all of your great work on educating children on the issues and treating those with HIV/AIDS. I have looked at your programs and I am very impressed with your diversity and sustainable outlook and approach.


Comment by Cassandra Clifford


Thank you for keeping us up to date on the situation of children around the world with your blog. I am sure I will be steeling more of your insight in the future.


Comment by Jesse Papineau

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