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Ombogo & Obama
October 15, 2008, 12:49 pm
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Okay, I have to start this post by saying that the political views expressed by students at the Ombogo Girls’ Academy do not reflect the opinions of Slum Doctor Programme. With that said, these girls love Obama.  On our recent trip to the school, we were constantly asked questions about the Illinois Senator. “Is he going to win?” “Does he have enough security?” The girls’ and many other Kenyans were thrilled that a person with ties to their country could be the next leader of America. They were proud and protective.

An Obama story was always on the first or second page of the newspaper and nearly everyone you passed who was reading, was flipped open to these articles. When we were at Ombogo some of the students wrote letters about why Obama should be the next U.S. President.  We were given the letters to take home and share.  Since today is the final presidential debate before the election, I thought it was an appropriate time to share some quotes from these letters.

“I believe that when he (Barack Obama) succeds as the first African American to be president of American he will fulfill his promises of unity and improving lives.”

“People need a change in leadership and Barack Obama deserves this chance because he will bring about new ideas for change and benefits.

“Obama is determined… He is going to put his determination on helping his country, people and all their neighboring countries.”

“In one of his speeches, Senator Obama said that all parents have a responsibility to switch off their televisions so that their children can do their homework. Senator Obama realizes that the future lies in the good education of the young citizens.”

I only selected a few quotes for the 30 essays we received from students at Ombogo. These essays were LONG, detailed and overwhelmingly positive. The students talked about Obama, his political beliefs, speeches he’s made, Michelle Obama, McCain and Joe Biden, among many other things. I was so impressed by their level of knowledge and passion. I am sure they will be eagerly waiting to hear the results on election-day.


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