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July 25, 2013, 4:17 pm
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It breaks my heart to read this. It my village!
Nwoya- With the Universal Primary Education in place, one would imagine that all Ugandan children of school-going age are in school.
But in Nwoya District, parents still prefer getting ‘quick’ dowry from their daughters through early marriage and concealing information about rape cases from the authorities.
Children, especially girls, are also pointing fingers at their parents who have failed to follow up on defilement cases perpetuated against them within the community.
Most of the victims are those between primary five and seven.
Susan Aremo (not real names), 15, a pupil of Ongai Primary School in Alero Sub-county, says their communities do not enough to stop forced marriages and defilement in school.
No community support
“Fellow girls want to make it in education, just like their male counter parts, but there is no support in the communities,” Aremo says.
She blames men in her community for sanctioning early marriages.
“As girls, we want to see ourselves in better positions in this country but men, instead of supporting us, actually mislead us that there is nothing good in girl-child education”.

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In nwoya especially in purongo sub-county people prefer hunting to education but they are the leading crop grower in the district

Comment by Okello Nelson

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